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Quick information
Morocco Exchange organizes a variety of itineraries. Our programs are designed for American and European students, professors and alumni from universities, high schools and other educational institutions.

Elements of a Morocco Exchange program

  • To experience the intersection of Islamic, African, Indigenous and Western cultures within a safe and open framework.
  • To get to know Moroccan students from Rabat University, to engage in personal conversations, and share with them a walk through the medina.
  • To experience traditional Moroccan food and personal connections in a family home stay.
  • To meet Peace Corp volunteers and Fulbright scholars, discovering living in Morocco through their stories.
  • To experience the unique, vibrant street life of historic medinas in Rabat, Asilah and Chefchaouen.
  • To enjoy the rich variety of Moroccan landscape and connect with nature.
  • To share insights that arise from broadened intercultural perspectives with travel peers.


"After this program I feel that in order to truly understand any culture one must experience it first hand."

Katie Kollar, New York University

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