"After this program I feel that in order to truly understand any culture one must experience it first hand."
Participant Katie Kollar, New York University

Widening horizons - Building bridges between cultures

Non-profit organization for cross-cultural education

Morocco Exchange

We invite American and European students to join us in an intensive journey of inner and outer discovery in Morocco.

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Morocco Exchange is a non-profit organization that has been developed in response to the current world political situation. Morocco Exchange offers college and high school students the opportunity for both intensive personal growth and a monumental physical journey of discovery in Morocco.

At this time there is a critical need for a new generation of individuals and future leaders who not only understand the major challenges presented by cross-cultural conflicts but also possess the capabilities and determination to address them.

Morocco Exchange is committed to supporting this new generation by providing a variety of intercultural and academic programs. These have the potential to empower individuals to see the world from a different perspective, to fully realize their responsibilities, and to act upon the opportunities for global change.

  • To bring American, European and Moroccan students together, building bridges of genuine human connection between the Muslim and Western worlds.
  • To encourage and support the self development and widening of perspectives of program participants through experiential learning activities.
  • To provide a framework and create opportunities in which students can:
    -Experience Islamic art, thought, and daily life, through visits, lectures and homestays.
    -Discover Moroccan culture and history through academic discussions and presentations with professors from Casablanca, Fez, Ifrane, Marrakech, and Rabat.
    -Get firsthand experience of international aid projects, witnessing their impact on local communities.
    -Gain inspiration for future career and volunteer choices. Vibrant examples are provided by our program leaders through their years of service as former Peace Corps volunteers.
  • To build strong, lasting and beneficial partnerships with international organizations in the fields of education and development.